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Direct Mail

Direct Mailing Services for Lawn Care and Landscape Companies

Option A: Every Door Direct Mail for Lawn Care  and Landscape Companies

EDDM is a mailing option from the US Postal Service. Instead of using a mailing list, you chose entire carrier routes from the EDDM website. We typically suggest our clients consider EDDM first, because it is tends to be less expensive than any other option, but still gives you a high level of control.

1) Download an EDDM Cheat Sheet Here

2) Access the USPS Route Map Here

3) View our EDDM Gallery Here

Option B: Traditional Direct Mail for Lawn Care  and Landscape Companies

"Traditional" direct mail marketing is the better option to target carefully selected and targeted lists of prospects. If you have a large mailing, or if you really need to omit certain addresses from your mailing, traditional mailing is the way to go.

1) Decide on the zip codes you want to target, then call us or input them in the form below.

2) We'll run a list count report, and based on the type of services you offer, we'll suggest a mailing schedule that we've seen work for similar companies.

3) Our designers will create an attention-getting mailing piece for you to review. After you approve the design, we'll print the postcards.

4) We'll process your mailing for the best postage rates available and handle the delivery of your mailing at our Bulk Mail Entry Unit.