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Green Industry Newsletter Programs

Newsletters are a tremendously effective way to maintain contact with your clients and prospects. People prefer to buy from companies they like, and both print and electronic newsletters provide you the opportunity to maintain and improve your relationship with your audience. Improve client retention, increase referrals and sell more services to each client by the simple act of staying in touch.

Focal Point has been offering newsletter programs to lawn and landscape contractors since 1987, and we feel we do a pretty good job with it. Our goal is to help you maintain a consistent newsletter program, and make your clients think you spent a lot more time and effort than you actually will. We want to get useful information to your clients, and make you look good in the process.

We offer three distinct newsletter programs for you to consider. Each of these is a good choice, and we can help you decide which is right for you. Just give us a call if you’d like to talk over the options: 800-525-6999.

Simple Solution Newsletters (Print)

Our Simple Solution newsletter subscribers receive the exact base layouts, with a custom masthead, mail panel or coupon panel that is specific to their company.

Custom Newsletters (Print)

Our Custom subscribers use the base layouts only as a starting point. They then have the option to change out any of the articles or photos, and they can edit the text to make each issue more specific to their company. Our Custom program is a great option if you want a highly customized result without having to start from scratch.


Ever need a quick and easy way to tell your clients about proper watering? What about promoting and explaining beneficial seasonal services like aeration? Our E-Newsletters are the perfect way to keep your clients informed while directing more traffic to your website.