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Greeting Cards

Strengthen Customer Relationships with Greeting Cards

Our greeting cards are an easy and economical way to thank your customers for their business. Use them to show customer appreciation during the Holiday Season, or to express your thanks anytime throughout the year. You can sign them personally, or have us imprint your company name and logo. Either way, your customers will be sure to appreciate the effort!

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  1. #119 - Thanksgiving Greeting Card

    Want to do something different this year? Sending a holiday greeting card at Thanksgiving lets you stand out from the deluge of Christmas cards, and the message in this card doubles as a "thank you" to your clients.
  2. #120 - Window Greeting Card

    This design contrasts the stark beauty of the winter season with the beautiful new growth we all look forward to in the spring. The inside text reads: "Here's wishing you a Holiday Season abloom with peace and joy. Thank you for the opportuni

  3. #121 - Ornament Greeting Card

    The ornament on the front of this card reminds customers that you’re always thinking about beautifying their properties, no matter what the weather may do. The inside text reads: "Our thoughts naturally turn to you during the holidays.

  4. #126 - Season's Greetings Card

    This classic design depicts all four seasons and is printed on an attractive woven card stock. The inside text reads: "Even in winter, the garden is alive and waiting for spring. Thanks for the chance to be of service."

  5. #127 - Grass In Snow Greeting Card

    A classic image and a timeless message make this greeting card a wonderful choice for reaching out to your customers during the holiday season. It’s one of our most popular greeting card designs! The inside text reads: "Thanks for the o

  6. #128 - Peace On Our Earth Card

    Striking imagery and a classic message on the front of this card highlight the importance of protecting our fragile global environment. The inside text reads: "Thank you for letting us keep your corner of the planet a little greener. Your busine
  7. #129 - Ornament and Ribbon Holiday Card

    The festive ornaments and ribbon on the front of this card are sure to brighten your valued customer's day. The inside text reads: "Thank you for the opportunity to serve you this year. Customers like you make the holidays even happier."

  8. #130 - Warmest Wishes Greeting Card

    Show customers that you’re already looking ahead to the next growing season with this evergreen-inspired holiday card. The inside text reads: "Our thoughts naturally turn to you during the holidays. After all, it's customers like you wh

  9. #131 - "Holidays are Here" Holiday Card

    Footprints in snow and a warmly lit home provide a sharp contrast to the pleasing explosion of spring color that awaits inside. The inside text reads: "Can spring be far behind? Thank you for allowing us to make your part of the world a little b
  10. #132 - "Green Christmas" Holiday Card

    With a green twist on a classic Christmas sentiment and bulbs bursting through snow on the inside, this card is a unique reminder to your clients that you love the work you do for them. The inside text reads: "And an even greener spring! We hope

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