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Template Door Hangers

Get Your Message Right into Their Hands

Get more leads and sell to more neighbors. Make your presence known with Focal Point’s eye-catching sales door hangers!

Use them to generate new business by targeting certain streets and subdivisions, or drop them off at the homes surrounding your existing customers. These attractive leave-behind pieces are also a great way to promote special offers after you’ve made a service call.

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  1. #710 - Lawn "Value" Door Hanger

    Show prospects that you’re the local expert when it comes to providing lawn care value. Attract new customers by including a special offer, and take advantage of the back-side imprinting option if you’d like to provide more detail

  2. #711 - Lawn Care "We Guarantee" Door Hanger

    Expert services, professional results and satisfaction guaranteed…what more could you ask for in a lawn care provider? This design emphasizes the quality and safety of your work, and can be imprinted on both the front and back sides to

  3. #712 - Good News Door Hanger

    Looking for an easy way to expand your service routes? This door hanger is perfect for providing multiple estimates in targeted neighborhoods. The template copy can easily be edited to promote the specific lawn care services you have availabl

  4. #713 - Aeration Door Hanger

    The bold statement and eye-catching illustration on the front of this door hanger send a very clear message about the benefits of aeration. We can imprint the back side with an offer of your choice to help increase aeration sales to both curr

  5. #714 - Landscape Door Hanger

    This door hanger is great for selling landscape design/build and maintenance services to targeted prospects. Or, simply use it to alert neighbors that you’re working in the area. Whatever your goals may be, this design is sure to help i

  6. #715 - Landscape "We Were Here" Door Hanger

    Keep the lines of communication open for improved customer service! Use this door hanger to let your customers know which services you perform on each visit. Both the front and back can be imprinted, and follow-up notes/instructions can be in

  7. #716 - Mowing Door Hanger

    The happy family on the front of this door hanger helps to drive home your message: You make it possible for your customers to get more enjoyment out of their yards. Use the back side for details about the maintenance services you provide. There

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7 Item(s)