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Lawn Care and Landscaping E-Newsletters Made Easy

Ever need a quick and easy way to tell your clients about proper watering? What about promoting and explaining beneficial seasonal services like aeration? Our E-Newsletters are the perfect way to keep your clients informed while directing more traffic to your website.

With this new service, content from our extensive archive is now available in an e-mailable format.

We start by working with you to develop a newsletter schedule for the year. Most of our clients opt for monthly newsletters, and we make the process easy enough that this frequency is not difficult to manage. Below are 3 different "editorial calendars" that you can pick and choose articles from. These are just ideas, you can provide us with your own content or request other topics from our archive.

Once the schedule is settled, we customize an html template for you, create a custom masthead and set up an online account for you at

Then we will set up a newsletter preview and e-mail it to you. We'll take any revisions you want to make prior to distributing it to your e-mail list.

Once the campaign is sent, you can log in to your online account to track the number of people who open your campaign and click through to your website.

Your Next Steps

Below are topic ideas for Lawn Care, Maintenance, Commercial and Landscaping E-Newsletters that correspond to articles already in our library. Look these over and then cut and paste the topics you'd like into the form below. You can also fill in with your own topic ideas if you have ideas that aren't listed here. Once we receive your submission, we'll contact you to firm up the details and your e-newsletter program will be scheduled.

Lawn Care

  • January: Grass is Nature's Air Machine
  • February: Recovering From Winter Lawn Damage
  • March: Controlling Crabgrass
  • April: Weed Management in Lawns
  • May: Insects In Turf
  • June: Summer Stress on Lawns
  • July: Importance of Watering Deeply This Summer
  • August: Aeration: Letting Your Lawn Breathe
  • September: Benefits of Fall Fertilization
  • October: Perimeter Pest Control
  • November: End-of-Season Customer Thank You
  • December: Choosing and Caring for Live Holiday Trees


  • January: Creating an Overall Landscape Plan
  • February: Highlighting your entry way
  • March: Improving Drainage
  • April: Adding Hardscaping for Summer Entertaining
  • May: Pavers for Patios or Walkways
  • June: Add Movement With A Water Feature
  • July: Landscape Lighting
  • August: Irrigation Systems
  • September: Proper Placement for Trees
  • October: Fire Pits
  • November: Winter Landscapes Can Be Beautiful Too!
  • December: Choosing and Caring for Live Holiday Trees


  • January: Assess Maintenance Needs Early
  • February: Dealing With Deer
  • March: Why Mulch?
  • April: Seasonal Floral Displays
  • May: Importance of Feeding Trees and Shrubs
  • June: Take A Bite Out of Mosquitos
  • July: Summer Watering: Make Every Drop Count
  • August: Plan on Aeration
  • September: Perimeter Pest Control
  • October: There's Still Time to Fertilize
  • November: Attracting Birds In Cold Months
  • December: Plan on Plants for Holiday Cheer


  • January: Planning Improves the Value of Landscape Care
  • February: Managing Traffic
  • March: Pre-Emergents In Turf
  • April: Integrated Weed Control Programs
  • May: Fine Tune Property With Chemical Trimming
  • June: Maintaining Clean Water With Aquatic Controls
  • July: Ornamental Grasses
  • August: Planning for Lawn Repairs
  • September: Outdoor Meeting Spaces
  • October: Fall Fertilization Key to Good Spring Start
  • November: Schedule Additions and Improvements Now
  • December: Thanks for Another Great Year!