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Timely, Topical and Technical Information That Educates

Make sure customers and prospects learn about and know the value of your services with Focal Point’s bulletins!

Our bulletins are perfect for education, special promotions throughout the season or whenever you need to give clear, technical information. The laser-compatible paper and printer-friendly design make it easy to imprint your logo, company information or any special offers you’d like to include.

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  1. #260 - Professional Landscaping Bulletin

    Show prospects what a difference your landscaping services can make in the looks and value of their homes. This bulletin explains the many benefits of professional landscaping, in addition to providing various ideas for property improvements.

  2. #259 - Professional Lawn Care Bulletin

    Let prospects know that you can improve both the health of their lawns and the quality of our environment with your professional lawn care services. This bulletin is great for selling fertilization, weed control, insect control, disease contr

  3. #258 - Disease Management Bulletin

    This bulletin discusses the various causes of plant diseases, how to identify them, and how to go about controlling them. Use it to increase awareness among your customer base about the damage plant diseases can cause.

  4. #257 - Insect Management Bulletin

    Show homeowners that it’s possible to control insect pests while still being kind to the environment. This bulletin discusses the main practices involved in IPM and advocates pest control that is efficient, economic and responsible.

  5. #256 - Watering Benefits Bulletin

    Do your customers realize how critical water is for the health of their lawns and landscape plants? Use this bulletin to explain what water does, how it’s absorbed, and the different ways to deliver it effectively.

  6. #255 - Fall Fertilization Bulletin

    Looking for an easy way to sell fall fertilization of lawns, trees and shrubs? This bulletin does a great job of explaining why landscape plants in suburban soils need extra help getting the proper nutrients for healthy growth.

  7. #254 - Late-Season Seeding Bulletin

    This bulletin helps to explain why lawn seeding is more effective in the fall than in the spring. Use it to promote lawn renovations after a long, hot, dry summer.

  8. #253 - Lawn Aeration Bulletin

    Use this bulletin to promote aeration as one of the best things you can do for your customers’ and prospects’ lawns. It’s a great way show them why this valuable service is such a “breath of fresh air” for their

  9. #252 - Weed Control Bulletin

    Let your customers know that effective weed control is the result of a partnership between you and them. This bulletin promotes the benefits of chemical treatments in combination with good cultural practices such as proper mowing, fertilizing

  10. #251 - Crabgrass Control Bulletin

    This bulletin explains why crabgrass is so hard to control, and discusses pre-emergents as an effective approach to preventing crabgrass seeds from germinating. Use it to let customers and prospects know that you won’t let crabgrass get

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