For over 15 years, Focal Point has worked with Project EverGreen to bring the benefits of green spaces to communities across the country. 

Please join us by taking part in a GreenCare for Communities renovation project, or becoming a GreenCare for Troops volunteer.


GreenCare for Communities:
Antonio McDuffy Park - Detroit

Project EverGreen and the Rocket Community Fund are in the middle of a major renovation project in Detroit. This 2-phase project will double the size of the park and create a shared community space for local residents.

Learn more about this project here - and please reply to this e-mail if you can assist with a future project. We would love to have the help!

GreenCare for Troops

GreenCare for Troops is a program that matches volunteer lawn and landscape contractors with military families who need assistance with their property.

This is an amazing way to give back to your local community by giving the gift of green space to a family in your area.

Please join our efforts and become a GreenCare for Troops volunteer.